Tali Isenberg

Tali Isenberg

Vice President, Panorama Software

Currently employed at Panorama Software



    BI allows for better decision making by providing companies with insight and analysis of the enterprise data they produce. With this information, decision-makers can recognize trends and even predict future outcomes. BI 3.0 is rapidly gaining in popularity. As more and more organizations embrace it, the demand for proven BI 3.0 tools and technologies to deploy is on the rise as well. Panorama’s Necto provides true BI 3.0 by analyzing user behavior, understanding preferences, recommending insights, and suggesting to users who they should collaborate with. It is currently the most intelligent BI engine available. As a leader in BI 3.0, Necto is quickly gaining popularity. Together with Microsoft’s new tools and technologies (e.g., Denali, Windows Azure and SharePoint), Panorama’s Necto enables users to easily harness BI 3.0 and achieve better insight.