Licy Botbol

Licy Botbol

Vice President of Operations, Panorama Software

Currently employed at Panorama Software



    I get and gather the necessary data needed for the operations to work in its optimal form. Typical day includes meetings with the higher management team for research results and also with the Business Development team. In the industry of technology one should be quick to adapt to change. Being sensitive to things that could enhance the performance of the Company is a key skill. As Vice President of Operations I am typically responsible for maintaining profit margins in all areas, according to established objectives. Also Developing or maintaining internal control systems to ensure accountability. In addition I develop strong relationships with outside partners, such as Advisors, as well as internal partners, including department supervisors and co-executives. Some of the Duties I also do is formulating and devoloping training and incentive plans; maintaining efficient team structure and performance through analytics, processes and tools; maximizing new client engagement; and working with the leadership team to develop plans to meet future needs.