Juliet Espiritu

Juliet Espiritu

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    In me is a paradigm of a dependable and conscientious worker, aware of my duties and responsibilities... always in pursuit of my goal! I carry my task in a systematic and uncompromising manner. Although, others find me flexible and can easily adapt to any situation, I don't easily establish friendship and trust with anyone. But once you become my friend, no one can dictate to me any maleficent behavior or attitude you may have with others. I'll be that devoted and confident with the established friendship. I'll see to it that I'll stand out amidst a group with an air of dignified poise and self-confidence. At times, I can be vocal in speaking out what's on my mind with bluntness and discretion. When pursuing a goal, I muster an enormous drive and determination to succeed. As a worker, I can exert long periods of hours just to be able to accomplish the assigned task. I can go about my chores in a quiet, well-organized way and with much ease. Friends and colleagues seek my ideas, opinions and even counselling. Mind you, I have so many setbacks too. With that, I'm very cautious in making decisions. I've got a strong-willed character, a feeling of security and positive disposition. It's my charm, discretion and wittiness that I'm rating as my most valued assets in establishing rapport and camaraderie with others. I truly have genuine concern for the welfare of others and has a good understanding of human nature. My deep loyalty to family and friends is well appreciated and reciprocated. I very much love to travel, explore new places, cultures and new ideas. I can say that I've got a very keen intellect and an ardent supporter of a social cause. I steadfastly believe that I can't be persuaded by other's decision or judgement. I'm reasonably tolerable to forgive others for the wrongdoings they may have hurt me or cause me heartaches. I have a heart of gold, with good sense of humor, particularly enjoys outdoors pursuits and social occasions.Although I'm incapacitated when it comes to financial standing, I tend to go to great lengths just so to share whatever time, energy and resources I have. I'm an optimist person setting things in a resolute manner. I'm easily put into bad temper with any sort of injustice and unfair treatment and will do all in my power to help those less fortunate ones than myself. I'm direct and straightforward. On the negative aspect of my personality, I can be stubborn, impulsive and predominantly inquisitive. But this quotation can best describes who I am for it is a fact that transpires in my life: The two things that define a person > > > > > * how someone behaves when he has everything; * how someone manages when he has nothing I read books, attend seminars, ask questions, and consult experts. I take plenty of "think time" to gather my thoughts and present them to much talented and erudite kin or friend who convert them to pictures, graphs, slides. Then I go through the material refining it, polishing it, internalizing it until it becomes a part of me or shall I say, has integrated deeply within me. I spend a great deal of time sticking to all the activities that are related towards making me better as a person. These things that I do on a regular basis are neither goals nor dreams; they are all actions that are part of my system. Doing these repetitively takes me to achieve incremental success. These activities are components of a system which at times, can be boring for they are repetitive, predictable, routinary and may come across as overly simple and unexciting.



At GECS Tutorial Services

From September 2013 to 2014


At global experts in contact solutions

From 2013 to 2014

Customer Care Representative

At Word Right International

From April 2013 to August 2013

RLink International, Las Piñas City

High School Graduate, English Spoken Language

From April 2012 to May 2012
A brief two to three weeks training of English; grammar, pronunciation, conversational spoken English. The most basic English grammar and English fluency/eloquence, with that defining American accent.

Christian Family Fellowship, Manila

Spiritual Maturity, Ladies' Service Circle Leadership Training

From October 1991 to November 1991
Two months training of conducting events, seminars, and spiritual administrative school for the married women. This revolves in the profound knowledge of the Bible and how a local Christian church functions and the offices involved in it. We are given the overview of the operation, management and...
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Daily Vacation Bible School Seminar, Manila

Spiritual Maturity, Bible Stories

March 1990
Three weeks training on how to conduct DVBS - Daily Vacation Bible School in your local church for those children who are on vacation. These children are required to attend classes for at least one month for their spiritual nourishment. They are given modules to work on in their homes as assignment,...
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Goethe Institut, Quezon City

at least 2 year college background, German Cultural Language

From June 1977 to October 1977
A brief one semester of learning the basic Deutsche Conversational Language; should have to take at least three more terms before you be given a certification.

Mapua Institute Of Technology, Manila

BSCHE, Chemical Engineering

From June 1969 to March 1974
I've proven to my loved ones and colleagues the exemplary intelligence ever since my primary level of education for I won't take to be a second fiddle. I always aspire for the topmost pedestal or I rather not carry on. I know I have left memories of high respect, good camaraderie, fun loving...
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