Jay Encarnacion

Jay Encarnacion

Business Development Manager, Microsourcing

Currently employed at Microsourcing

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    Armando Encarnacion Jr. or most people would refer to as Jay has been in sales and business development for roughly 9 years helping businesses expand their clientele base and build stronger business relationships with their clients. He has trained and develop exceptional individuals in Sales, Customer Service, Leadership and Management in the BPO and Call Centre industry in the Philippines. At present, Jay is working for RenditionDigital Intl Ltd.as one of its senior resource for new client acquisitions. His role is involved with managing existing and prospective target markets. Well trained in cold calling, best practice in business to business lead generation, and internet marketing. In the past, Jay functioned as Senior Sales Director for an online advertising company based in Hawaii with operations located in the Philippines who caters majorly to medium sized and large corporation in the US. Primary functions include monitoring day to day sales operations and advertising campaign management across different ad networks. Training and development of front-line account managers which includes continuous process of optimizing training content to assure better retention of knowledge and increased performance. Constantly evaluates and improves process in Sales and Campaign Management. He's also in charge of recruitment efforts in correlation to the company's needs in terms of growth. He oversees existing and new contract negotiations. As the founder, executive board and investor's single resource in managing operations, he's in charge of implementation and cascading vital information relating to changes in the direction of the company to achieving it's goals and vision. He recently was working on special projects in the off-set printing industry helping a business in new client acquisition and maximizing profits with focus on local ivy-league schools, and in the government sector. Oh and he's a proud gamer and free-runner - BIG TIME!!! Specialties: Online PPC Mngt and Social Media Marketing, Business Development, Sales Planning and Strategy, Research and Development, Account Management, Sales Training and Development, TNA, Sales Management, Process Alignment, BPO Fundamentals, Off-set and Digital Printing Knowledge,


Business Development Manager

At Microsourcing

From September 2014 to Present
Founded in 2000, Bigblock Solutions is company based in Melbourne, Australia with operations in one of the leading outsourcing hubs in the world – Manila, Philippines. We're an Australian managed firm that offers premium digital design and development services as an extension or enhancement of your...
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Senior Corporate Relations Manager

At RenditionDigital International Ltd

From March 2012 to January 2013
RenditionDigital International Ltd. is an offshore outsourcing company providing superior-quality, cost-effective services for Software Engineering, Digital Publishing, Mobile Platform Development, Social Media/Game Support Services, BPO, Capabilities: Software Development : Solution Architecture :...
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