Brian Dudley

Brian Dudley

Managing Director, Premier Global Consulting


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His background

  • Today
    June 2014

    Managing Director

    * Inheritance tax advice in both the Philippines and Overseas. ;
    * Taxation planning advice.
    * Overseas and UK Pension transfer specialist.
  • Today
    December 2011
    March 2010

    Financial Advisor


    * Advice in offshore savings and investments.
    * Tax planning advice.
    * Pension transfer advice.
  • Today
    January 2010
    January 2002

    Associate Director


    * Giving independent financial advice to personal and corporate clients. ;
    * Advising on all aspects of employee benefits, with good experience in occupational pensions. ;
    * Also specialising in investments, taxation and inheritance tax planning. ;
    * Maintaining and development of existing clients and professional connections. ;
    * Staff management and business/technology development.
  • Singapore College of Insurance

  • Today
    January 2002
    December 1999

    Financial Adviser


    * Giving independent financial advice to personal and corporate clients. Advising on employee benefits. ;
    * Maintaining and developing professional connections. ;
    * Developing existing client base.
  • Chartered Insurance Institute

  • Today
    December 1999
    February 1999

    Financial Planning Consultant


    * Giving independent financial advice on various financial products offered by different insurance and investment companies. Developing and creating financial planning for life for doctors. ;
    * Business generation and development within the NHS doctors market. ;
    * Presenting to clients the products, services and benefits of using BMA Services. ;
    * Existing client base business development.
  • Today
    February 1999
    April 1996

    Financial Consultant


    Business development of 2 Lloyds Bank Branches. This involved:

    * Giving financial advice on Black Horse Financial Services' and Lloyds Bank's extensive product range to the corporate market. This includes areas such as pensions, mortgages, income protection, savings and investments. ;
    * Maintaining on-going relationship with existing clients to ensure financial advice is current and appropriate. ;
    * Working with Branch and Account Managers in generating new opportunities. ;
    * Training and development of Branch staff in being more customer focused and enhancing their sales skills.
  • Today
    April 1996
    August 1985

    Origination Technician


    Stationery & Printing Dept, London
    Origination Technician. This involved:
  • Chartered Institute of Banking

    Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (Ce MAP) (CIB)
    CSE Certificates in Maths, English, Computer Science, Electronics, Physics and Social Studies.

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His skills

  • Financial Advisement
  • Independent Financial Advisement
  • Tax Planning
  • Taxation
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Business Development
  • Compensation and Benefits

About him

I develop bespoke, pragmatic finance solutions for Philippines-based expatriates. All too often, people do not attend to their wealth management through practical, rational planning and disciplined execution. My mission is to provide my clients with the best market intelligence and strategic insight; help them make the smartest possible financial decisions; execute on those decisions to reach their goals.

With a financial services career spanning three countries and over a decade of experience, I specialize in wealth management across the spectrum of concentrations including:
Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses
Asset Growth Strategies
Savings & Investment
Tax Strategies
Succession & Estate Planning
Onshore & Offshore Trusts
Offshore Incorporation
Employee benefits

I hold a Degree Diploma from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) UK in financial planning specializing in UK taxation & trusts and pensions. While working in Singapore, I received financial planning qualifications at the Singapore College of Insurance (SCI).

Before staring my own wealth management company, Premier Global Consulting, I worked with Lloyds TSB and British Medical Association (financial services division) as well as the independent financial advisory, Campbell Fisk & Partners. Premier Global Consulting, a Manila-based GlobalNet affiliate, offers a broad range of financial advisory services for expatriates residing in the Philippines.

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